Unity of Springfield Ministries

Image of a group of people holding hands with a map of the world behind them.

Special Events, Classes, and Groups

Unity of Springfield is a rich and diverse community, which means we have a lot going on in our community. Whether it is volunteering for our cold weather shelter, taking a spiritual or personal enrichment class, or doing a group meditation in one of our metaphysical groups there is something for you here.

Cold Weather Shelter

We believe in an abundant Universe, which means we want to take time to demonstrate that abundance in our local community. Through the winter months Unity of Springfield runs an overnight cold weather shelter to serve our local community.

Youth Ministries

From birth to young adulthood we have a place for the young people in our community. We recognize the importance of instilling values in our children, which is why we invest in our youth programs.

Food Pantries

We have two food pantries at Unity of Springfield. We do not require any means testing for providing sustenance to anyone that is having food insecurities. We have an outdoor "after hours" pantry that has dry goods and canned foods and during our hours of operation we have a larger pantry available to our local community.

Life Cards Deck

The "Life Cards" deck is a deck of affirmation cards with artwork and affirmations designed by Unity of Springfield members. It is a deck of 52 total cards. Two of the cards are informational cards with ideas on how to use the cards and information about the artists and authors that contributed to the project. Then there are 48 cards with a statement of spiritual principle and an affirmation. Then there are two additional cards with Unity's statement of faith and the Prayer for Protection.

Ministry Partners & Local Resources

We connect with a variety of different organizations both locally and across the country. We believe that connecting with a diverse group of organizations makes us a healthier and stronger community.