Event Submission

The following form is to post an event or meeting on www.unityofspringfield.org and on social media and community calendars.

Please note that these are for events hosted by Unity of Springfield or hosted at Unity of Springfield and are relevant to our members or visitors.

Contact information gathered through this form will only be used if there are questions regarding the event itself and will not be posted anywhere on the site or social media.

Artwork for the event will be created by the social media manager and website administrator. This will allow the artwork to stay consistent with Unity branding agreements and allow the online event coordination to stay consistent with trends, rules, regulations, etc.

Event Coordinator

Is this event open to the public?
Is your event specifically for Unity of Springfield members or is it open to the public? Public events will be listed on social media, event forums, and community calendars outside of our community. So, if you answer yes, please keep preparing for attendees outside of the Unity of Springfield community.

If the event is not open to the public, it will appear on the community calendar on our website.

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