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Unity's Perspective on Prayer

Prayer is the very foundation of the Unity faith. Co-founders Charles & Myrtle Fillmore initially began holding prayer meetings in their home, which continued for many years. Myrtle received seemingly miraculous results from her affirmative form of prayer, which healed her of tuberculosis at a time when the prognosis was slow and certain death. Many of their followers received similar results, and the Unity movement was born.

Prayer is our connection to God and is one of Unity's Five Basic Principles.

One of Unity's most powerful and beloved prayers is called "The Prayer for Protection." This prayer was written by James Dillet Freeman and was inspired by another prayer he wrote in 1940 for Christmas that goes:

The light of Christ directs me
The love of Christ enfolds me
The power of Christ protects me
The presence of Christ upholds me.

Freeman expounded on this prayer during World War II and gave it the title "The Prayer for Protection." Now this prayer can be heard all over the world in Unity churches.

The Prayer for Protection

The Light of God surrounds you.

The Love of God enfolds you.

The Power of God protects you.

The Presence of God watches over you.

Wherever you are, God is, and all is well! 

Whether you have a need, a concern for a loved one, or simply want to say, "Thank you," you never have to feel alone with your prayer.

Submit a Prayer Request

On the app you can

Send Prayer Requests

Send your prayer request directly to us and connect instantly with Silent Unity by phone. From the moment your request is received, you are enfolded in 30 days of continuous prayer. There is also an option available to receive a response back from us by email.

Discover Affirmations for your situation.

Life-affirming words help focus thoughts and clear the mind. With uPray, you can choose a positive statement to affirm your good.


Relax and reconnect with a short guided meditation set to music. Silent Unity provides a new meditation each month.

Pray With Someone

You can use the app to connect directly with an individual that will pray with you about your situation.

uPray is now available in Spanish.

Housed at Unity Village, MO, just east of Kansas City, MO, the light of Silent Unity has been burning continuously for over 100 years. Prayer is the lifeblood of the Unity faith. Prayer is communion with God, which means literally, "Come, unite with God within." That is where the Source of power resides in us, expressing AS us...ALL of us.

You can also call and speak to someone immediately 24/7 at: 1-(800) NOW-PRAY (669-7729). 

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