Crisis Cold Weather Shelter

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The 2022-2023 Cold Weather Season

We had a great season this year.

Our Cold Weather Shelter is CLOSED for the season. Be sure to check back! We will have more opportunities to donate and volunteer during the warmer months.



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This year we:

  • Were opened 60 nights and 6 days.

  • Filled 1,807 beds.

  • Had 42 volunteers that filled 2,160 service hours including:

    • Hospitality

    • Overnight Volunteers

    • Sanitation & Laundry

  • Received multiple community donations ensuring that we could serve our guests.

  • Had several neighbors and friends prep meals to ensure that our guests did not go to bed on an empty stomach.

Compassion & Alleviating Suffering

​​​​​​General Shetler Information:

During the winter months Unity of Springfield opens as an overnight crisis cold weather shelter offering services to the vulnerable population of Springfield, MO. We use our church to offer beds between October 15 to March 31 on days when weather conditions can be dangerous for unsheltered individuals. We invite our community to support our efforts in providing aid to individuals in need. 

In our efforts to serve we are partnered with Community Partnership of the Ozarks and The Connecting Grounds. We are an all genders shelter open to taking in couples, families, and individuals. We do not discriminate. This includes, but is not limited to race, ethnicity, age*, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, economic status, or any other diversity of background or identity.

*We do not accept minors into the shelter unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. We provide a safe place to sleep, but there are social services programs that provide shelter for unsheltered minors.

Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities for the Winter Months

We are currently seeking four types of volunteers.

  • Laundry Transport

    • Our laundry is dropped off and picked up at Enterprise Laundry Services. This business is very close to the church. A person volunteering for this position would pick up the dirty laundry at around 7:00 AM from the church, drop it off at Enterprise. Then pick up the clean laundry from the day before and drop it off at the church. Enterprise is located 1.3 miles away from Unity of Springfield.
  • Sanitation

    • Two sanitation volunteers arrive at Unity of Springfield by 7:00 AM. They will clean the shelter area, bathrooms and other common areas. All cleaning supplies are provided. It usually takes 1-2 hours from start to finish. 
  • Hospitality

    • Two volunteers arrive at the shelter at 6:00 PM. They make sure the shelter is set up and ready for our guests to arrive. Some tasks include making coffee, stocking snack cart, greeting guests as they arrive.
  • Overnights

    • We need two volunteers to spend the night. These volunteers welcome our guests and help them get settled in for the night. After the lights are turned off in the shelter, usually by 9:30 PM, volunteers may coordinate the overnight hours so that they each get a nap. The overnight shift begins at 7:30 PM and ends the next morning after the guests have left, usually by 7:30 AM.

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Drop Off Donations:

  • Sweatpants & sweatshirts of assorted sizes.
  • Coats/Gloves/Hats
  • Hot Hands (hand warmers)
  • Consumables
    • We will start collecting donations for the 2023-2024 Season in September! 

These items can be dropped off at the church during our office hours, Sundays from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM or Monday through Wednesday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Our location is: 2214 E Seminole St, Springfield, MO 65804

Monetary Donations

Send checks to:

Shelter at Unity of Springfield
2214 E Seminole St
Springfield, MO 65804

Please be sure to include a note indicating your donation is intended for the "cold weather shelter efforts."

Sunday Service

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Food Pantry

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Other Resources

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