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Unity Logo
A positive path for spiritual living.
A logo for silent unity with imbedded text "24/7 Prayer Support"
Silent Unity Prayer Support Line.
Image of Unity Online Radio logo with imbedded text "Unity Online Radio."
Explore the latest in spiritual talk shows with Unity Online Radio.
Broadcasting from the historic Tower at Unity World Headquarters, the network provides you with hosts and topics to deepen your spiritual journey and introduce you to new ideas, authors, and practices.
TCG Outreach Center
To be a catalyst for connection, conversation, and change in our community.
Image of the GLO logo.
LGBTQ+ Community Center of the Ozarks
GLO serves the LGBTQIA community in the Ozarks through support, resources, education, and advocacy to create a more inclusive and welcoming community where all can thrive.
Image of Truth Unity Logo
The mission of TruthUnity Ministries is to engage culture in the digital age, cultivating awareness, practice and commitment to the metaphysical teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.
Image of CPO logo.
To facilitate and promote the building of resilient children, healthy families, and strong neighborhoods & communities through collaboration, programming and resource development.
Image of the Veterans Coming Home logo.
New Life Evangelistic Center has founded its values on the love of Jesus Christ for all people, and especially for all who suffer from poverty, homelessness, addictions and abuse. NLEC holds the following values in highest regard:
empathy, advocacy, empowerment, dignity, responsibility, faith, hope and love.
Counsel of Churches Logo
In 1969, Rev. Dr. Dorsey Levell, along with other community leaders and pastors, had a vision of Christian love and fellowship expressed as service to the most vulnerable of our community.
Image of the City of Springfield, MO logo.
We stand for mutual respect and equity within our work environment where team members have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
Embracing our diverse perspectives and ideas allows us to be innovative and effective in how we build the Springfield community. Together, we are better.