Life Cards

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"Life Cards" Deck


The "Life Cards" deck is a deck of life affirming affirmation cards. The artwork and affirmations designed by Unity of Springfield members.

This deck was created through a workshop made at Unity of Springfield. During the workshop we attendees created both the artwork and affirmations as a gift to our community and beyond. It is a deck of 52 total cards. Two of the cards are informational cards with ideas on how to use the cards and information about Unity of Springfield as well as the artists and authors that contributed to the project.

Then there are 48 cards with a statement of spiritual principle and an affirmation. Then there are two additional cards with Unity's statement of faith and the Prayer for Protection.

The decks are currently available at the church for $15 per deck.

Please note that at the present time these are available at the church. If you need your deck shipped, please contact the church directly to arrange shipping.




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