White Stone Ceremony

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Unity of Springfield's Annual White Stone Ceremony

Date: January 7, 2024
Time: 11:00 AM

Join us in a time-honored tradition here at Unity of Springfield, as we conduct our annual White Stone Ceremony, a unique and introspective ritual that offers each participant a moment of profound connection with their spiritual identity and intentions for the New Year.

A Journey of Spiritual Renewal

The White Stone Ceremony is deeply rooted in the Unity movement that draws inspiration from an enlightening passage in the Bible. In this passage, the apostle John shares a divine vision where individuals are presented with a white stone, upon which a new name, representing their spiritual rebirth and divine journey, is inscribed.

Symbolism of the White Stone

Embraced as a symbol of purity, transformation, and innocence, the white stone serves as an affirmation of our continuous spiritual growth and unwavering dedication to fostering a deeper connection with the divine presence that permeates our lives.


A New Years Prayer


Unity's White Stone Ceremony: A Personal Revelation

Our cherished ceremony unfolds in a serene atmosphere, often complemented by meditative practices, soulful prayers, and uplifting music. Each participant is bestowed with a small, smooth white stone. In a moment of quiet reflection, they are invited to inscribe upon it a word or name that resonates with their spiritual path and aspirations for the forthcoming year. This personal revelation, discovered during the ceremony, serves as a guiding light, a reminder of their spiritual goals, and their ever-evolving bond with the divine.

An Annual Commitment to Spiritual Growth

We hold this transformative event annually around the New Year, providing a meaningful opportunity for members of our community to reaffirm their spiritual journey's intentions. It's not just a ceremony; it's a pledge to oneself to remain steadfast on the path of spiritual discovery, enlightenment, and personal development.

We warmly invite you to partake in this introspective experience, marking the beginning of a year filled with spiritual growth, enlightenment, and a stronger connection with the divine essence within us all.


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