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Planet Unity Vendors

Vendor Registration

This registration includes:

  • 10x10 booth for the event on April 22,2023.
  • Please be sure to read the Vendor Agreement fully before submitting.
  • You can find the vendor agreement by going to:
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We require that all vendors donate something from their booth that has at least a minimum $10 of value. These will be used as door prizes or in the silent auction depending on the value.

Please list the products or services you will be donating and the estimated value.

The cost for a 10x10 booth at this event is $30.

Please submit your payment details below.

Registration Fee
Sponsor Agreement



Unity of Springfield’s Planet Unity Earth Day Event

Saturday, April 22, 2023, 10 am - 5 pm


This shall be considered a Rental Space Agreement for a church-sponsored sales event, to be held on church grounds located at: 2214 E. Seminole Street, Springfield, MO  65804. This Agreement is between:



Name of Individual, hereinafter referred to as Vendor




Name of U.O.S. Representative DBA UNITY OF SPRINGFIELD,

hereinafter referred to as U.O.S.





  1. Date(s) of EVENTApril 22, 2023.


  1. I understand the EVENT will be held, rain or shine, and any and all monies paid for rental spaces shall be Non-Refundable unless said EVENT is cancelled by U.O.S.
  2. Spaces are reserved on a “first-come, first-served” basis, regardless of previously held space assignments. All monies owed for space are due prior to the date of the EVENT.
  3. Each rental space shall be measured, numbered, and marked off. You will receive your assigned number the morning of the event.
  4. Unused spaces will only be available the day of the EVENT with payment of cash or credit card. No checks will be accepted.
  5. Vendor is responsible for appropriately marking their items for sale, monitoring their space and collecting payment for their items. 
  6. Vendor must disclose the type of merchandise that will be sold at the EVENT and approval for space will be at the discretion of the church office.
    • This is an earth day event.  Handmade or homegrown products are encouraged. Wholesale or retail products must be all natural, and environmentally friendly. Submission of an application does not imply or guarantee acceptance as a Planet Unity vendor.  After applications have been received, vendors will be selected and contacted.
  7. Payment must be received before your space can be reserved and must be prior to the first day of EVENT. Tents are encouraged but not required. Enter desired number of spaces below
    • Vendor Space: 10’x10’ is $30 each.
  8. Vendor agrees that they, and/or any person affiliated with their booth, will not in any way sell, trade or provide access to guns, pornographic material, drugs (legal or illegal), or bootleg items including, but not limited to: videos, purses, watches, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. Food &/or beverage Vendors must have appropriate licensure and permits.
  10. Vendor recycling is expected and containers will be provided.
  11. Upon arrival Saturday, April 23, 7:00-10:00 am, Vendor will first check in with Church Staff before beginning set-up of their products in their reserved space(s).
    • Prior to 10am, VENDOR will be expected to remove vehicle from EVENT space
  12. Vendor is expected to stay for the EVENT duration. Vendor must have all unsold items removed and space(s) cleaned up no later than 7:00 pm, Saturday, April 23, 2022. Please make sure your area is free of trash before you leave.
  13. At no time shall U.O.S. be held liable or in any way responsible for any personal injury sustained on the premises, or damage or theft that may occur to Vendor’s goods, products, and/or sellable items.
  14. ​​​​​​​U.O.S. reserves the right to disallow any and all materials or goods considered by U.O.S. to be objectionable for display or sale on U.O.S. property.
  15. Throughout the day, door prizes will be awarded to participants.  Each Vendor is asked to provide a gift (Min $10 value). This should be donated at the time of receiving booth assignment on the morning of the EVENT.  
  16. Roaming solicitations and/or petitions are not allowed.

By submitting the vendor registration, you agree that you have read and fully understand the terms

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