Henna Workshop & Sharing Exploration

Discover the Art and History of Henna

Join us for a unique and enriching experience at Unity of Springfield's Henna Workshop & Sharing Exploration! This free workshop is open to everyone and will take place on July 27 at 2 PM in the fellowship hall.

What to Expect at the Henna Event

Explore the fascinating history and cultural significance of henna, an ancient art form with deep spiritual roots. Our workshop will cover:

  • Historical Insights: Learn about the origins and cultural importance of henna across different societies.
  • Application Techniques: Discover the best practices for applying henna on skin and other materials.
  • Hands-On Practice: Gain practical experience by applying henna on yourself, others, or materials such as drum heads.

Whether you're new to henna or looking to deepen your knowledge, this workshop provides an excellent opportunity to learn and connect with like-minded individuals in a welcoming environment.

Register in Advance for the Henna Workshop

To ensure we have enough materials and space for everyone, please register below.


Henna being put onto hands.

Henna Event Details:

📅 Date: July 27

🕑 Time: 2:00 PM

📍 Location: Fellowship Hall, Unity of Springfield, 2214 E Seminole St, Springfield, MO 65804

💲 Cost: Free

Join Us for an Enriching Henna Experience

Don't miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in the world of henna. Whether you're an artist, a spiritual seeker, or simply curious, our Henna Workshop & Sharing Exploration is the perfect place to start. We look forward to seeing you there!


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