Folx with Faith of the Ozarks

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Queer Faith Community

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of a local chapter of Folx with Faith right here in Springfield! Our group, Folx with Faith of the Ozarks, is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming space for queer individuals to explore and discuss spirituality.

About Folx with Faith

Folx with Faith is an international movement dedicated to affirming and celebrating the intersection of queer identities and spirituality. Our mission is to create inclusive and affirming spaces where queer individuals can explore and express their spirituality without fear of judgment or discrimination. We believe in the transformative power of community and strive to foster environments where everyone can feel seen, heard, and loved.

Folx with Faith Vision

Folx with Faith envisions a world where all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can experience spiritual fulfillment and connection. We recognize that all people are expressions of divine love. We seek to break down the barriers that have historically excluded queer people from religious and spiritual communities, promoting a vision of spirituality that is inclusive, affirming, and liberating.

Inclusive and Welcoming to All

Folx with Faith is inclusive of all religious traditions and spiritual paths. Our conversations are centered on faith rather than religious ideology, focusing on queer-centric spirituality. We welcome individuals of all faith traditions and religious identities. These discussions are about the faith experiences of queer people, whether they are conversations about being a queer person in religious settings or about exploring and expressing spirituality. We aim to create a space where everyone can share and grow together, regardless of their background.

Why We Partnered with Folx with Faith?

We decided to partner with Folx with Faith because their mission and vision align perfectly with our goals for creating a supportive and inclusive spiritual community in the Ozarks. 

We also welcome other organizations to partner with us in this journey. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.

By establishing Folx with Faith of the Ozarks, we aim to:

🌈 Create Safe Spaces: We provide a safe, supportive environment for queer individuals to explore their spirituality and share their experiences.

🤝Foster Community: By connecting like-minded individuals, we build a community that supports and uplifts each other.

💬 Encourage Dialogue: We promote open and respectful conversations about faith, spirituality, and identity.

❤️ Promote Healing: We offer a space for individuals to heal from religious trauma and find new, affirming ways to connect with their spirituality.

For more information about Folx with Faith and to learn about our mission and vision, please visit

We can't wait to see you there and start building this vibrant, supportive community together! 🏳️‍🌈

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Join us for our very first meeting "Expressions of Divine Love: Gender & Spirituality" on June 22nd from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, share experiences, and engage in meaningful conversations about faith and spirituality.

Meeting Details:

📅 Date: June 22nd
Time: 5:30 - 7:00 PM
📍 Location: Schweitzer Brentwood Branch Library, 2214 S Brentwood Blvd, Springfield, MO 65804


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