From “Divine Remedies” (a Unity Book):

“My eyes are now made strong and whole by the renewing, vitalizing, energizing life of the Holy Spirit, which is active in them.”

“I am filled with the abundant, free-flowing, cleansing, healing, harmonizing, vitalizing life of Christ, and in that life I am every whit whole.”

“God in the midst of me is mighty enough to cleanse my entire system, to uplift, to sustain, to heal, to strengthen, to vitalize, to renew, and to establish divine order and wholeness in every part of me.”

“All error is now eliminated from my mind and my body consciousness, through my indwelling Christ.  I am open and receptive to spiritual thought.  I live, move and have my being in God.  The purifying, vitalizing, healing Christ life is now doing Its perfect work in me and through me.”

I am what I think.  I think life. The life of God is released in me, and I am healed.