Teen Director

   In case you haven’t seen us in action lately, we’ve been having a lot of fun in the teen department recently. Our Friendship Sunday experiences have been great with Colin Kugler serving on platform duties; and we had an ice cream bar after second service. 

   Y.O.U. member Lucas Crump had what he called, “an awesome experience” at Legacy 2019 and is on fire to share his experience with teens and parents alike, saying, “I want to show [other teens] this awesome experience I had, and they should definitely start coming (to rallies)!”

   Jessica Quin and I had an amazing YFM (Youth & Family Ministry) training experience in Kansas City recently. Some of the material we were exposed to in KC was all about Teen Leadership development and Building Community through Experiential Activities.

   Outside of these church experiences I recently attended a professional training about Developmental Assets for my job, which inspired me so much I included some tidbits in my first ever Sunday service on June 23rd.

   The remarkable thing about Developmental Assets is they are simple tools to foster mental and emotional growth, helping ensure we all play a role in the success of our young Unity members.

   In the near future you’re gonna hear more about both the YFM training
and Developmental Assets.  


Teen Director

Steve Miller