June 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Unity of Springfield

Meeting of the Board of Directors

June 20, 2016



Board Members Present      

Mary Hilsabeck – President                                                                Tom Long – Director                                      

Simone Hite –Vice-President                                                              Paula Armknecht - Director

Jim Kaatz – Treasurer                                                                         Kari Brashers - Director                                 

Kimberley Lippelman-Nash – Secretary                                              Norma Vinson - Emeritus                              

Jon Anfinson - Director                                                                      Dee Richardson – Administrator

Sue Baggett-Spears—Spiritual Leader


Guest—Jolynn Higgins                                             


*The meeting was called to order by Mary at 6:02 p.m.  Sue opened with prayer. 

* Minutes of the May meeting were sent out for review prior to the meeting.  Simone made the motion that they be approved as submitted. Paula seconded.  All voted affirmatively.  Motion carries.

*Financial Report:Financial Report was provided prior to the meeting for review. Discussion was held about continuing deficit, but Jim cautioned that some of our bigger fundraisers have not been held yet.  Jon moved that the Financial Report be approved as submitted. Jim seconded.  All voted affirmatively, motion carries. 

*Old Business:

    Thrift Shop—Discussion was held about starting an online thrift shop business as an additional stream of revenue and what that would entail.


*New Business: 

    Train the Trainer Conference:  Sue and Dee participated in a conference with Mendhi Audlin at Unity Village and expressed how valuable the experience was. Sue asked the Board for permission to be a site for “Train the Trainer” Spirit Group event the first weekend of August.  The cost will be $500, but we can send as many of our leaders and congregants to the workshop for free as we want.  Other churches will be invited to participate and will have to pay.  Simone motioned that we take $500 from the Ministerial Growth fund to pay for hosting this event.  Paula seconded.  All voted in favor.  Motion carries.

     Templeton Audio Grant:  We will be applying for a Templeton Grant to cover part of the  expense to upgrade audio system.  We would be responsible for half of the cost.  A motion was made by Kari that if UoS is selected to receive the grant, the expenditure for the church’s part is approved.  Simone seconded.  All voted affirmatively.  Motion carries.

     Y.O.U. Scholarships:  Dee requested the Board think about establishing some eligibility guidelines for scholarship funds to attend rallies.

     Jim Kaatz left meeting.


*Check In was conducted.  All members read Core Values aloud together.


*Committee Reports:

·         Adult Education:  No report.

   Building and Grounds: AC replacement is ongoing.  Discussion was held about gutters needing cleaned and arranging to have lawn trimming done.  

·         Employment:  No report

·         Fundraising:  Fashion Fair raised $526.  Luau coming up in July.

·         Long/Short Range Planning:   No report

·         Marketing /Publicity:   Paula will work with Cindy to get some info about weddings on UoS Facebook page. 

·         Music:  No report.

·         Outreach: no report.

·         Volunteer Services:  Tom stated that there were plenty of volunteers to help with set up and take down at the indoor garage sale.

·         Youth Ed:  Paula shared Julia’s report and passed around the newsletter that goes home with the kids.  She also shared a thank you note from the kids for the DVR.  Spirit Adventures will be held in the evening on July 25-27.

·         Teen Activities:  Kari shared Macy’s report.  Sophia Spangler a new Regional officer in Y.O.U.

·         Administrator’s Report:  No report

          Peapod has inquired about putting in a commercial dishwasher but we would lose one of the kitchen stoves if we approve the current request.  Discussion was held about whether this was acceptable.  It was decided to have them present a way to add a dishwasher without us losing a stove before we will consider the request. 

The board entered into a closed session to discuss Employment issues.


Seeing no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:28 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,


Kimberley Lippelman-Nash