Volunteer Opportunities

Find the area most aligned with your talents and interests!

You'll always get back more than you give...it's just the way God works!





Team Leader - 

Help clean up our church grounds on East Seminole Street between Glendale and Ventura Avenue by picking up trash once each quarter. If you have an interest in serving on this team, send an email to adoptastreet@unityofspringfield.org 


Team Leader - OPEN

Many volunteers are needed for our biggest fundraiser, the Annual Indoor Yard Sale, held the second weekend in June. Set-up begins the Sunday prior to the sale, with sorting, organizing, and pricing taking place throughout the following week. Friends and Family have the opportunity to "pre-shop" on Thursday of that week, with the Sale occurring the following Friday and Saturday. Additional volunteers are needed to help pack up the leftovers on Saturday at 1 pm when the Sale concludes, and to help restore the church to its "pre-sale" glory..Leftover items are donated to Thrift Haven, a local thrift store that supports Fairhaven Children's Home. If you would like to volunteer or offer suggestions for our next sale, please send your email to:  yardsale@unityofspringfield.org 


Team Leader - OPEN

Assist with finding artists, which are rotated on a monthly basis. Assist with set-up and take-down of artist's offerings. If you would like to have your work exhibited in the Unity Art Gallery, located in Fellowship Hall, please send an email to: artists@unityofspringfield.org 


Team Leader - Claudia Lower

Work in the Book Store after both services one Sunday each month. If you would like to volunteer to work in the Bookstore, or have suggestions to improve our Bookstore, please send an email to: bookstore@unityofspringfield.org 


Team Leader - Norma VInson

Help with small maintenance tasks in the church and the Teen House. 



Team Leader - Simone Hite

GREETERS: Greet people as they arrive for Sunday morning services. Can sign up for one or more services each month.

USHERS: Ushers are needed at both the 9:15 and 11:00 am services, and at other special services such as Handwashing Ceremony, Burning Bowl Ceremony, White Stone Ceremony, etc. Duties include: greeting congregants and handing out Sunday bulletins at Sanctuary entrance; assist people in finding seats; collect offerings; count the people attending the service.

WELCOME DESK: Sit at the Welcome Desk before and after one or both Sunday services. First Service: 9:00 am until First Service starts at 9:15 am, and again immediately following service until 10:30 am. Second Service: 10:45 am until Second Service starts at 11:00 am, and again immediately following service from Noon until 12:15 pm. Duties include: answering the phone, answering questions, and directing visitors as needed.


GROUNDS MAINTENANCE Team Leader - Terry Lippold

This team is for folks who enjoy outdoor gardening, watering, weeding, etc., and can help care for both the church grounds and Teen House areas.


Team Leader - Melanie Haseltine

Every Cookie Sunday (1st Sunday of each month), congregants are encouraged to bring a friend and their favorite cookies to share as we enjoy fellowship with each other after each service. Volunteers assist by bringing cookies, helping with set-up and clean-up before and after each service. The Hospitality Ministry also includes special occasions such as Celebrations of Life, Potluck Dinners, Church Picnic, etc.


Team Leaders - Amy Burnett & Paula Armknecht

This annual indoor sale occurs the second weekend in November, and features holiday gift items, decòr, and clothing.



Team Leader - OPEN

During the warm-weather months, help keep the garden beautiful and inviting. This space is also used for weddings, so maintenance is important!



For those with flexible schedules who are willing to volunteer for a one-time project. If you would like to sign up to be on this team, please send an email to:  volunteer@unityofspringfield.org 


Team Leader - Helen Cliburn

Volunteers who are willing to assist individuals and families experiencing a challenge by providing meals, and/or visitations to a hospital or at the home. Training is available.


Team Leader - 

Sign up to operate the PowerPoint for one or more Sunday service. Powerpoint is already created; all you have to do is insert Sue's slides (when available) into the existing presentation, and advance the slides in a timely way. Some minor changes to slides are occasionally needed.  Training is required (approximately one hour), and a manual is available for handy reference.




Team Leader - Jane Tindall

This volunteer position is one where individuals are screened and receive training in the Unity style of positive prayer.  As requests for prayer come into the ministry, emails are circulated so that all in the prayer circle are notified and can pray for the individuals needing prayer. If you have an interest in this type of ministry, or wish to submit a prayer, please send an email to:  prayer@unityofspringfield.org 


Team Leader - Alex Trianosky

Shifts are typically for one-half day per week, Monday - Thursday. Shifts are:  10:00 am - 1:00 pm or 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Duties include: assisting the office by answering the phone; greeting and directing visitors, and miscellaneous duties as needed.


Team Leader - OPEN

Assist people who need a ride find one in order to attend church functions.


Team Leader - Sylvia Richardson

Keep the sanctuary stocked with envelopes, pens, etc., and remove trash and outdated matererials. Ensure the chairs are orderly.


Team Leader - Melanie Haseltine

Help is needed to decorate the church and Sanctuary for the holidays, especially Christmas.


Team Leader - OPEN

Other volunteer opportunities include: concerts, holiday activities, picnic, guest speakers who offer concerts or seminars or have CD and/or ticket sales, fundraisers, etc.




Please keep in mind that any activity usually requires the help of Volunteers
to sell tickets, set up and tear down, distribute flyers, assist with selling CD's, etc.

In many instances, Volunteers get a free or discounted ticket!

All Volunteers, whether they do it for a day or every week or month, 

EVERYONE gets to participate in the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner!


where Volunteers would be most welcome.

Celebration for Joe Hutcheson

Friday, January 24, 7 - 9 pm


Crock-Pot Potluck & Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 26, after Second Service


If you are interested in volunteering for any activity, please contact our

Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa Landrigan, at:  volunteer@unityofspringfield.org