Teen Director

   First of all, I would like to express appreciation on behalf of all the teens for the wonderful support we had recently with our hot cocoa bar. We had so many people stop by and get cocoa, or a shot of chocolate for their coffee; and some just said, “I want to support the teens, here’s a contribution.” Our teens were so eager to help out (and to try and sneak a yummy here or there when they thought I wasn’t looking), and I’m so proud of these young people. Also, we concluded our drive to support Rare Breed with some much needed items for the homeless youth in our community (did you know that on any given night, at least 45 youth are experiencing literal homelessness (staying in a shelter or outside, in a vehicle etc.) and 95 children are experiencing homelessness.) - thank you for that support also! If you feel called to do more, beyond what we’ve already collected, please consider making future donations to benefit this great community resource. 

   Our youth like to know they are appreciated, so I encourage you to let them know this the next time we are serving the church. You’ll see us assisting with the services the 5th Sunday in March; then, we hope you’ll join us for the annual Hand-washing Ceremony on Good Friday; followed by involvement with Planet Unity, set-up and being on hand during the event. Thanks again for everyone’s support of our teens and making them feel connected to our church!


Steve Miller