Teen Director

   Namaste’ from the Teens of Unity! We’ve been adjusting to our new normal through the gift of technology; utilizing Zoom to conduct our weekly sessions. We launched right into online church the first Sunday after we all began social distancing and sheltering in place.

   It’s actually been a very interesting transition; and the teens have really embraced this shift as the weeks have passed. The really cool part has been getting a completely new understanding of one another, because in addition to our Sunday gathering we have been hosting a Wednesday evening chat. It’s given us the chance to learn about each teens transition into online school, have some show-n-tells, meet some family pets, and learn some “what is your favorite_____?” questions!

   The biggest blessing is to have the ability for the teens to see familiar faces, share their highs and lows of being in isolation from their normal lives, and sing some of our favorite Joy Songs. In between these get togethers Jessica and I have sent the teens email reminders and some fun memes like the one shown here (cows are the YOU mascot...moooo!)


   Yes, it will be nice to get back to “normal” - but if history is any lesson, what that means is moving toward our new normal. Meanwhile having the blessing of technology, Unity Principles and reliance on one another will see us emerge with a better foundation of faith!!


Steve Miller