Prosperity Prayer

(This can be personalized for individuals, families, or any group by substituting "church" with "group", "family", etc.) 

     The true income of this church is the inflowing of Spirit. It is then unencumbered, unretarded and undiminished by any mortal factor.

     This income manifests in a pattern of steady growth in the love, faith, and spiritual accomplishments among our members and friends. All income is gratefully received and wisely distributed under the inspiration of the Christ mind. 

     Thoughts of fear and personal judgment are renounced forever and have no influence on our financial strength and soundness. This church never lacks for faithful, enthusiastic and generous financial support.

     Divine Love supports and supplies without interruption or intermission. Heaven's bounty knocks on our doors every day and we invite it in.

     As we claim this together, we say, "Thank You, God!"  

     In the name and through the nature of our Christ consciousness,