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3/15/20 "The Power of Elimination" Sue Baggett-Spears
3/8/20 "The Power of Order" Sue Baggett-Spears
3/1/20 "The Power of Strength" Rev. Pat McClelland
2/23/20 "The Power of Power" Sue Baggett-Spears
2/16/20 "The Power of Imagination" Sue Baggett-Spears
2/9/20 "The Power of Love" Sue Baggett-Spears
2/2/2020 "The Power of Faith" Sue Baggett-Spears
1/26/20 "The Power of Judgment/Wisdom" Sue Baggett-Spears
1/19/20 "The Power of Will" Sue Baggett-Spears
1/12/19 "The Spritual Power of Understanding" Sue Baggett-Spears