Ozarks Law of Attraction Group

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Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM

What to Expect

Law of Attraction is a commonly used phrase in Unity and is considered a Universal Spiritual Law. In this group attendees will review different concepts and ideas associated with the Law of Attraction. The content discussed in this group is not limited to Unity's teaching associated with Law of Attraction, but instead pulls from a variety of different sources and traditions.

Meeting Information

This group does not meet in person, instead it meets through the video conference app Zoom. Zoom is an easy to use video conference platform. You do not need to know anything about technology to attend this meeting, but you will need to have the Zoom app on your phone, tablet, or computer. To find the right Zoom app for your device you can go to the Zoom Download Center and look for the app that fits your computer, phone, or tablet.

Once you have the app on your device you can use the following link to access the meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6303947096