Minister's Message

Hello Friends,

   Spring is around the corner and I know that we are all ready to open our windows, smell that fresh air, and hear the sweet melodies of the birds singing! 

   Spring is a wonderful reminder that new life is always forming in the darkness. We will watch as, once again, crocuses and tulips and daffodils begin to break through the crusted earth to show us their radiant beauty. We will see blossoms appearing on the trees and watch as the leaves slowly begin to unfurl opening up to the light.

   Life is like that for us. Even in the darkest night of our soul, there are things happening in the unseen realm that are working together to bring newness into our lives! That is absolutely something that we can count on! 

   We are living in ‘interesting’ times. For many of us, we see and feel the darkness and at times feel overwhelmed by it all. But our hope lies in knowing that in ways that we cannot yet see with our physical eyes, new life is getting ready to emerge! We are called right now to stay the course, to do the right thing, to take positive action, to connect with others and to be the best version of God that we are created to be!

   And we are called to TRUST: Totally Rely Upon Spirit’s Tada! God is standing under everything, but God needs us to be Its voice, Its hands, Its feet. 

   Spring is ready to burst forth and so is Love! We’ve got this my friends!  Let’s stand together for what is right and kind and compassionate and connecting. Together we are changing the world!