Minister's Message

Hello Friends!

   Life sure is interesting. Here we are, over a month into a new way of doing life. How are you?  Change is not always easy, especially changes that are brought about by a life-threatening virus! All of a sudden, we are thrust into a new ‘normal’ for a period of time. Many are worrying about how they are going to pay rent or buy food. Many are okay financially. Many are alone and dealing with anxiety and depression. Many have someone else to share this journey with. Many are home-schooling for the first time. Many are essential workers out there on the front lines providing services to the rest of us. Many are mourning the loss of loved ones due to Covid-19, and many are personally dealing with the virus themselves.

   First, know that wherever we are and whatever we are experiencing that ALL feelings are normal during this time. Please don’t beat yourself up for feeling fear or loneliness or frustration or uncertainty or sadness. Most of us are dealing with all sorts of emotions. Second, know that God is in the midst of all of this! I am sharing with you some quotes by Mary Kupferle from her book, “God Will See You Through” which we are talking about on Wednesday evenings on Facebook ( at 7pm..

   Mary says, “You have what it takes to face very situation and condition with an overcoming attitude.  No matter what—you have what it takes! You are an overcomer!” She goes on to say, “If you have become fearful about any condition in your life, you have simply closed yourself to the ever-present Source that frees and heals you. Become quiet within and open up to the presence and power from on high—to the Self of you above and beyond your limited-appearing self.

   Do not be discouraged but take time daily to be still, to tarry in a peaceful attitude. Say softly to yourself: Open up, my soul, open up to God. Your whole being will respond, and good will flow through you from the inner fount of Spirit.” 

   She reminds us that God is in control and that all things are working together for good! Say, “Dear God, I know that of myself I cannot do this, but I know that You can.  It is not by might or power, but by Your Spirit that the answer will come. You will see me through. Thank You, God!”

   Bring yourself back to these Truths as often as you can. Meditate and pray. Focus on what you are grateful for. Reach out to others to lift them up, and in doing so you will be lifted up too!

   Papa Harry always used to say, “This too shall pass;” and it will.  Before long we will be back together again! I know that I can’t wait to see you all in person, to hug you and to just love on each other!

   In the meantime, take good care of yourself!