Life of Prayer Class

"Life of Prayer"

Sue Baggett-Day will be teaching this class. We will be updating all of the information for the class shortly.  We will be using the book "How to Pray Without Talking to God: Moment by Moment, Choice by Choice" by Linda Martella-Whitsett.  We will be ordering books from Unity Headquaters, so please let us know if you need one. You can send an email to
Class Description: Prayer is the foundation of Unity.  Join us as we open ourselves to discovering the power of prayer and various prayer traditions from around the world.  If you are taking this for credit, you are required to attend all 5 sessions.
This class will be held every Wednesday starting on April 7 and ending on May 5, 2021.
This class is at 6:30 PM (central) and will be streamed through Zoom.  If you do not already have Zoom, you can go to the Zoom website to download the app. This application is free to use, but if you want to register for their free account you will be able to add your name and picture for the class. To access the meeting use the meeting ID 83689263053 and passcode 127957. The app will prompt you to enter this information.

Everyone is welcome to join us for this class.

If you are not taking this class for credit, the recommended donation is $10.  If you are taking this class for credit then the donation is a requirement, along with a $45 fee to get credit with UWSI.