How to: Flintknap

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April 22 at 3:00 PM

Join us at the Planet Unity Earth Day Festival at 3:00 PM for an incredible demonstration on the ancient art of flintknapping, presented by Larry Maggard.

Flintknapping is a skill that has been passed down through generations of human beings for thousands of years, and Larry is a true master of the craft. During this fascinating and informative event, he will guide you through the process of shaping stone into tools, weapons, and other objects using only hand tools and the techniques of our ancestors.

Whether you're a seasoned flintknapper or just starting out, Larry's expertise and passion for the art will inspire you to take your skills to the next level. You'll learn about the different types of stone that can be used for flintknapping, as well as the various tools and techniques that are used to shape them.

Throughout the demonstration, Larry will share his knowledge and experience with the audience, answering questions and providing tips on how to improve your technique. You'll also have the opportunity to see some of Larry's incredible creations up close, and learn about the artistic and cultural significance of flintknapping throughout history.

So come and discover the ancient art of flintknapping at the Planet Unity Earth Day Festival. With Larry Maggard as your guide, you'll be amazed at what you can create with just a few simple tools and some stone. See you there!

Image of arrowheads

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