Coping with Grief


By Linda Kittle

There must be some Forever Place
beyond the moon and stars,
for hope and faith and love,
and special things of ours.

It's been a long, long while
and many tears I've tried to fight;
I can still find myself crying
in the middle of the night.

The tears for you have long since dried,
I'm just crying now for me.
There are so many things here
that I would like to see you see.

I get caught up in feeling sorry,
but then I stop and think at times
and I must believe, from where you are,
your's is a clearer view than mine.

Perhaps you see the underlying truth
in all that's ever said and done.
Perhaps the world looks much different
from the other side of the sun.

A thousand times I've looked about
in an old familiar place;
without one hesitation
I still expect to see your face.

So, with closed eyes I will remember
an expression you possessed;
an image held within my heart and
kept apart from all the rest.

Locked inside a special place
where only you’re allowed to be,
will remain the spirit of your life
forever within me.

And the part of me that drifted away
on the day you had to go,
I pray remains within you now,
so you’ll not journey all alone.

I like to think as time goes by
and my tomorrows all conclude,
I’ll find you in your Forever Place
beyond the stars and moon.