Affirmative Prayer

Unity's Five-Step Prayer Process

Affirmative prayer is a means by which you can strengthen your connection with God. To help you more fully experience the Divine Presence within, Unity has created a unique Five-Step Prayer Process. Follow this sacred flow during your next prayer time and experience the uplifting, energizing, clarifying power of prayer in your life. 

1. Relax

Let go of your worries. Relax, breath deep, knowing that God is with you and all is well.

2. Concentrate

Close your eyes. Turn your thoughts from the outer to within to a place of peace.

3. Meditate

Feel the serenity of God's presence soothing your mind and relaxing your body during your time of quiet meditation.

4. Embrace the Silence

Focus on the silence of your soul. Here, in this sacred place, God awaits you.

5. Give Thanks

Your mind and body are renewd and relaxed, and you are ready to return to your day. Quietly affirm: Thank you, God!