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September 23 at 6:00 PM

Join us for a fun evening of creativity and self-discovery with the artist, Freeman Payne of Ozark Pottery!

Have you ever felt drawn to the world of art, yet doubted your own talent? Prepare to have your perspective transformed as Freeman Payne, an expert artist and a student of Unity principles, takes you on an inspiring journey of artistic exploration.

Unleash your inner artist in this engaging introductory drawing class, where Freeman will guide you through the captivating realms of mark making and composition. With his dynamic and uplifting personality, Freeman will empower you to discover your creative potential, regardless of your previous experience.

Who Should Attend:

This is an artists fellowship event open to everyone. Each event is a stand alone event, so you can attend at any time. At this event we will focus on creating a strong composition and compare this with how we use Unity principles and affirmations to compose ourselves. This workshop will encourage artists to be authentically all they came here to be. This is the 2nd workshop in a series leading up to the Artist's Showcase event on October 14th.

If you have them, bring your pencils, pens, sketch pads. There will also be supplies available during the event.

Very abstract and colorful piece of art.


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