Youth Update from Julia


Sparks! It only takes a spark to light a fire...

This month we will continue with our study of prayer. There are countless ways to pray, so we will only focus on a handful of them.

Before class begins and the children arrive the adults "pray in" using the Daily Word.

At the conclusion of Sunday School, we invite the children to recite the Prayer for Protection as we make our Closing Circle. We ask one child to "pass the peace" around the circle, another physical manifestation of prayer. 

During Music Assembly we sing "The Lord's Prayer". We also bless offering the children bring for the Community Cupboard with the Magic Penny song, affirming that whatever we share is increased over and over.

So what's new this month? We made Tibetan Prayer Wheels and learned the traditional mantra that one recites while using them. We will finish them and embelligh the outside and insert prayer scrolls on the inside. Although there is no simple translation for the mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum) it acknowledges the spark of the Diving in the human heart, and the spinning motion of the prayer wheel puts this prayer into motion.

May all Beings be happy. May all Beings be without suffering.