Prayer Chaplains

Prayer Chaplains are available for private, individualized prayer

after each service.


Prayer Chaplains are specially trained to pray with individuals over areas of concern or celebrations. Below is a sample of what you might experience with a Prayer Chaplain.

What an honor it is to join in a sacred time of prayer and to unify our minds and hearts with you in a spirit of oneness. As we join heart to heart, we center ourselves in the presence of God and rise above any thought of challenge or concern.

We begin to relax and release all to God, knowing we are part of the Whole. We are never alone. As you still your mind and open more fully to God within, let these words be the words of your heart.

As I enter the Silence, I experience Peace. 

In this quiet time, I center myself in God and let all thoughts fall away. With each breath, I feel the presence of God within - the source of infinite peace. Immersed in this peace, I experience a new sense of calmness and serenity. I have the peace that passes understanding as I reflect in the Silence...

One with God, I gain insight and understanding.

In the stillness, I lift my thoughts and focus on the true source of wisdom and inspiration. From my heightened perspective, I look beyond any challenge to see the way to good. Divine light shines before me, guiding my steps, inspiring wise decisions leading to meaningful experiences. Secure in the Light, I am open to new insights and understanding as I rest in the Silence...

Healing love flows in and through me.

I now attune myself to the pure healing love flowing throughout my body temple. Every cell of my body is filled with divine intelligence. My body innately knows how to use this healing energy to renew and rebuild cells, tissues, and organs. I am whole in mind, body, and spirit. I give thanks for healing love in the Silence.