Minister's Message

Happy New Year!

Our theme for this year is, “Unity is Seen in 2018!”  It is time for us to let our light shine brightly in our ministry and in our communities!

Today, as has happened so many times over the years, I had someone stop by and they were in amazement that there is a church here in Springfield, MO, that believes and teaches what they believe! I remember my first time coming here and being in awe that this church even existed.

It is time to change that! We have a life-changing, world-changing message that is needed right now. It is time to break the ‘old thinking’ that we are the best kept secret and start affirming that ‘we are known!’ 

What will that take? First, it takes us getting beyond our doors and out into the community.  Lisa Landrigan has taken on the role of Team Leader for our Outreach Program. When she said yes, she also told us to hold on, because she was going to get busy! When we have opportunities to be in service to our greater communities, please say YES! Step up and step out, and let’s make our presence known as a spiritual community that really cares! 

It will also take greater financial support. We would love to be donating financially into our community which will take all of us really stepping up in our giving. What if there was more than enough every month to meet all of our financial needs AND giving into our community? Doesn’t that feel good? 

So, let’s make this happen together. Today I am challenging all of us to increase our faith and increase our giving on every level. Let’s be the change we want to see in this world.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, joy-filled, prosperous, love-filled 2018!