Minister's Message

Hello Friends!

       In October, Dee Richardson and I had the amazing opportunity to attend our Annual Regional Conference which was held at Unity Village. Of course, just being on Unity’s grounds was magical. The opportunity to interact with so many leaders of Unity churches, as well as the leaders of our Unity Headquarters, was fantastic and enlightening.

I want to make us all aware of what is available to us. We are so supported by the greater Unity.

First, check out This is a 24-hour radio program that covers topics such as: Bible interpretation, grief, recovery, Course in Miracles, metaphysics, meditation, yoga, Unity classics and so much more. You can listen live or pick out the ones you want to listen to on their archives.

How about This is Unity Worldwide Headquarters site. You can look into prayer, all kinds of resources, publications and more. You can also stay up on what is going on at Unity Village.

Next check out This site will tell you all you need to know about becoming a Licensed Teacher or a Minister. It also guides you to online classes that deepen your own spiritual journey.  There are all kinds of videos to check out on this site. You will love it!

We are a part of a growing and thriving movement. There is great excitement about the future of Unity and our role as a New Thought Leader in shifting the consciousness on our planet. 

You and I are the cells in the body of the greater whole of Unity. We are needed. Now is the time. Let us all make the commitment to deepen our roots in Truth and be the change we want to see in the world!