Minister's Message

Hello Friends,

   Here we are again, heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am often amazed at the expedient passage of time!  Every year at Christmastime, as we prepare for our Candlelight service, I think, ‘before we know it, we will be planning for next years’ service!’ And here we are.

   One lesson out of this is to remember to be present in the now moment. That is a lot easier said than done. Yet it is so important! Life is filled with so many things that take our attention away from the present moment which oftentimes fill us with anxiety and stress. When we remember to breathe into the present moment, knowing that everything that we have to get done will get done, we find wonderful blessings here and now that we otherwise might have missed.

   This is especially important as we head into the holidays. We get so caught up in the preparations that we forget to enjoy the journey and the people who are so important to us. In fact, if we stay caught up in the stress, we many times are short-tempered with those very loved ones. How crazy is that?

   As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let us consciously start and end our days with gratitude. This is a powerful spiritual practice that not only reminds us of all the good that is in our lives, but literally creates an energy that attracts more to be grateful for! And who wouldn’t LOVE more to be grateful for?

   As we prepare for Christmas, I invite us to take some time in contemplation, and, using our power of discernment, tap into the aspects of Christmas that feel stressful to us. Perhaps finding different ways of sharing gifts, such as giving an act of service rather than going into unnecessary debt, would help ease our stress. Or instead of stressfully preparing a big Christmas dinner, we ask for others to participate by bringing dishes to share, or even hosting dinner themselves.

   We could even step out and create a new way of enjoying Christmas day. If you feel that you need some time and space that day just for you, carve that time out instead of the turkey and claim that for yourself. It might ‘rock the boat’ a little, but your being able to be present to all that is going on centered in peace is the most important thing.    

   I love the fun of Christmas, exchanging gifts and sharing a meal together. The joy and the excitement of the kids is so much fun! Yet it is vitally important to remember the spiritual idea of Christmas. That the Christ Idea is born more fully in us. That we remember that Christmas is not just about our family, but it is about our whole human family.

   Let us take time this Christmas season to move into high service to our whole human family.  Radical generosity. Giving for the sake of giving, without a thought of who you are giving to and without a thought of return.  That is God! That is the true expression of our Christed Selves.

   Have a wonderful Holiday Season!