Minister's Message

Happy Holidays!

   Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. These are always busy times of preparation for family gatherings, dinners, decorating and shopping. It can be a time of great joy, stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm.    

   I would like to encourage us to take some time to deepen into the awareness of what these holidays are about. 

   Of course, historically, Thanksgiving is the story of the Pilgrims and Indians celebrating the harvest after the Pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower (short version). More-so, Thanksgiving offers us the opportunity to become keenly aware of how blessed we are in our lives. As human beings, we tend to ‘busy’ through our days without ever really stopping to appreciate the everyday blessings.    

   When we wake up in the morning do we immediately acknowledge the gift of life for another day? Do we acknowledge the comfortable bed or the warm shower or the hot cup of coffee? How about the food in our refrigerator or our ability to see the beauty of the Fall colors? The point is that we are continuously surrounded by blessings and, as we know, the more we focus on what we are blessed with, the more our blessings expand.

   Traditionally, Christmas is the story of the birth of Jesus. For us, it goes so much deeper to the awareness of the greatest gift we have ever been given, and that is the Christ of our own Being. Our opportunity throughout this Christmas Season is to allow our Christ Light to shine forth brilliantly in all of our interactions and to continue to birth that essence in our daily lives for the rest of our lives!          

   So when we find ourselves in the ‘busy-ness’ of the holidays, remember to stop, step back, breathe and remember the ‘real’ reasons for the season. Gratitude and Love!

With Great Love,

Sue Baggett-Spears
Minister, Unity of Springfield