Minister's Message

Hello Friends,

  Paul Day and I had the opportunity to attend Unity’s Annual People’s Convention the week of June 11th in Olathe, Kansas. One of the most important announcements was the merging of Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) with Unity Worldwide Headquarters (UWH).  This has been a long time coming!  UWM moved onto the UWH campus this past year.  This will create more Unity in Unity!  

     The theme of this year’s convention was “Just Imagine” based on Charles Fillmore’s quote, “The imagination will carry out any idea or set of ideas that the I AM reflects into it.” 

     So let’s use our imagination!  The following words are excerpted from a Unity Publication:

What are you brave enough to imagine for your life?  For our Ministry? For our world?

What can you imagine in terms of prosperity, health, or love?  How about peace and joy?

Imagination is one of the divine attributes born in each of us. 

      Let’s imagine the seats in our sanctuary filled every Sunday with wonderful people who are ready to dive into the principles and experience a deep and rich relationship with the God of their understanding.  Let’s imagine activities happening everyday both inside and outside the church creating connection and delightful new relationships.  Can you imagine multiple opportunities to be in high service both within the church and throughout our communities?  And let’s imagine that there is more than enough financial support flowing in from various sources allowing us to do all that is discerned to us through Spirit!  Imagine coming to church any day of the week and immediately feeling the excitement and the pure joy of being there!

     Using the power of our imagination coupled with belief, we have unlimited possibilities at hand!  That is what Jesus told us when he said things like, ‘whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing you have received it, you shall have it.’  And, ‘the kingdom is at hand.’  It’s not in some distant, far-away place, it is right here, right now!  Claim it!