Message from our Coordinator

         I think for Christmas I would like to bless all the amazing volunteers of Unity of Springfield as much as they have all blessed us all year! There are so many unsung heroes. I have tried to acknowledge the volunteers by starting our VIP (Volunteer Incentive Program), and giving a prize each month—as well as special drawings for bigger events. These gifts and prizes can only just begin to let you know just how appreciative I am for all of you who support this church with your time and talent.

   A day in the life of Unity of Springfield without volunteers would be very quiet indeed. Dee and I would be much busier than we already are. During the week we would be answering the phone every time it rang, answering questions of random visitors, and stopping to see who just walked in the door. Our church service would be quite drab as well. There would be no one to greet you as you came in, no one to hand you a bulletin, no one to collect your offering. There would be no band, and no special music. You could sing along to the songs you know, but there would be no one to run PowerPoint so you better know the words. If you weren’t able to make it to church on Sunday, well, too bad. There would be no video to watch online because there would be no one to record the video.

   We all enjoy the events that we hold throughout the year! Everything from Planet Unity to Spooktrunkular and so much to do in between! None of these events and ‘extras’ would be possible without volunteers! So, thank you!! Thank you for carrying us on your shoulders! Thank you for being available and willing to work so hard on our behalf. Thank you for your servant’s heart and blessing us with your love of Unity!



Blessings in service,

Michelle Johnson,
Volunteer Coordinator