Message from our Coordinator

     Hello, again! I think the weather is finally warming up and we are on our way to summer! Do you have any fun plans?

     The Volunteers at Unity of Springfield were shown our appreciation in April with a delicious baked potato bar. There were lots of choices to be made regarding toppings, and many door prizes were handed out. I loved seeing so many people enjoying the food and the company of their fellow volunteers! If you aren’t a part of this amazing group of people you are missing out!

     Also in April was our Planet Unity Earth Day Celebration! This event was amazing! We couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of so many dedicated volunteers! They worked from morning to night for this event, and there just aren’t words to tell them how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication.

     May will be a quiet month for us, so everyone can rest up from Planet Unity and get ready for our Annual Indoor Yard Sale on June 22 – 23. This is another big event that will take many hands and much planning. We take a full week to set this event up, and many volunteers spend all day every day at the church during that time. All other classes and activities are cancelled so we can focus solely on the Yard Sale set-up. The more volunteers we have willing to pitch in, the less time it takes for everyone. Will you be one of those amazing individuals who is dedicated to making this event shine?

     In July, we will be throwing a Luau! This is always a lot of fun! There will be a silent auction, dinner, talented singers, and even a bar! Again, our volunteers play a very active part in this event. They are there for the organizing, set-up, serving, and clean up.

     Do you see a theme here? Unity of Springfield couldn’t hold all the fun and amazing events it does without the willingness of a few wonderful people. Yes, I said, “a few.” You see, there’s a saying that talks about how 20% of the people do 80% of the work. In any given month there are approximately 50 names on my volunteer list. Most of the time it’s the same 50 names. These are the people who make Unity great! These are the people who are helping to create not only the fun times for us, but they are also the same people who make Sunday services run smoothly. They are same people who are here on a regular basis to answer phones and set tables for meetings. I imagine a day when 80% of our congregants are willing to step up and get involved in various ways so we can have even more events and fun times. When will you be one of the “few?”


Blessings in service,

Michelle Johnson,
Volunteer Coordinator