Licensed Unity Teachers

Licensed Unity Teachers (L.U.T.'s) at Unity of Springfield!

Kenneth Reitmeier, L.U.T.

Kenneth oversees the Licensed Unity Teacher program at Unity of Springfield. He has been instrumental in helping individuals achieve certification by offering credit classes, something only an L.U.T. or minister can do.

Kenneth currently teaches one class, every Sunday except the first Sunday of each month. Sunday mornings at 9:15 am, you'll find Kenneth in Fellowship Hall discussing "The Unity Treasure Chest."  The class is open to anyone who wants a better understanding of their lives. Kenneth allows every student the opportunity to ask questions or interject their opinion, and his discussion-oriented teaching style is good for helping individuals adopt the teachings in ways that are the most beneficial.

If you have questions for Kenneth about his classes or the path to becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher, he can be reached at:


Dee Richardson, L.U.T.

Besides being the full-time Church Administrator, Dee also performs weddings and holy unions. She also occasionally teaches a class on Prosperity based on Mary Manin Morrissey's program called, "Prosperity Plus." Look for announcements about the next opportunity to take this class, which is often offered for credit.