July 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Unity of Springfield

Meeting of the Board of Directors

July 18, 2016



Board Members Present      

Mary Hilsabeck – President                                                                Tom Long – Director                                      

Simone Hite –Vice President                                                              Paula Armknecht - Director               

Kimberley Lippelman-Nash – Secretary                                             Amy Burnett - Director                                  

Jon Anfinson - Director                                                                       Dee Richardson – Administrator

Sue Baggett-Spears—Spiritual Leader                                               Norma Vinson - Emeritus


Guest—Jolynn Higgins                                                               


*The meeting was called to order by Mary at 6:04 p.m.  Sue opened with prayer.  Check in was conducted.  All attendees read the Core Values, Mission, and Vision Statements together aloud.

* Minutes of the June meeting were sent out for review prior to the meeting.  Mary read minutes aloud and noted one correction to the minutes be made (Simone listed as Vice President instead of Director).  Jon made the motion that they be approved as amended. Paula seconded.  All voted affirmatively.  Motion carries.

*Financial Report: Financial Report was provided prior to the meeting for review. Discussion was held about continuing deficit.  Dee handed out an Edwene Gaines affirmative prayer for prosperity in the ministry and the Board read the prayer together aloud.  Simone moved that the Financial Report be approved as submitted. Jon seconded.  All voted affirmatively, motion carries. 

*Committee Reports:

·         Adult Education:  No report.

·         Building and Grounds: Gutters have been cleaned.  Taller ladder will be required for fan cleaning and lightbulb change.  Kevin is no longer able to mow for us so Paul mowed last time.

·         Employment:  No report

·         Fundraising:  Luau coming up.  A newer member, Melanie, is helping with luau planning and décor.  Simone stated she is still in need of auction items.

·         Long/Short Range Planning:   No report

·         Marketing /Publicity:   Wedding info has not been put on Facebook because we need to update the flyer with accurate information. 

·         Music:  No report.

·         Outreach:  Amy presented an opportunity from Friends Against Hunger for a group volunteer effort.  They are a not-for-profit with no employees.  The opportunity would be for a two-hour shift for a group of 20 during the weekend of October 1-2.  There will be a meeting for anyone interested in participating in Outreach on August 21, following second service.
          Community Cupboard is looking great!

·         Volunteer Services:  Usher meeting was held with 5 people in attendance.  Ran through instructions for ushering during services.

·         Youth Ed:  Paula shared a report from Julia.  Spirit Explorers will be this week and families will be invited in on final night.

·         Teens:  They are looking for a place for a float trip on Niangua River.

·         Communications:  Dee shared some thank you notes the church has received.

·         Administrator’s Report:  Daniel Nahmod concert will be held 9/9/2016.   

·         Spiritual Leader’s Report:  Sue said she didn’t have much to report since she has been at Conference and then on vacation.  She did meet with Macy regarding the Y.O.U. and said that had been productive.


*Old Business:

Thrift Shop—We have not had items donated.  Discussion was held about best way to share this with members.  It was decided that since there is a question about tax issue with this proposal, only items that are donated will be accepted and sold for now.

Train the Trainer Conference:  We are a host site for this and have a number of people signed up to attend including several board members. Discussion was held about anyone else in the congregation who would benefit and should be invited to attend.

Air Conditioner:  Unit arrived and it was too large for the existing pad so it was returned.  Norma to get some information about alternative solutions.


*New Business: 

Board Fun Day:  The Board will meet at Sue’s house this Saturday for a day of fun and fellowship.

New Website Design:  Discussion was held regarding feedback for new website design.  Some ideas were given for improvements including listing Service times and dates on the front page of website and making sure links contained correct information.  Appreciation for Cindy’s hard work on this was expressed by all.

Membership Comments:  Jolynn was invited to share any thoughts with us.


The board entered into a closed session to discuss Employment issues.

Seeing no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,


Kimberley Lippelman-Nash