From the Board President

   Unity of Springfield has really branched out in the past year! We’ve had a couple of huge events, Planet Unity and Back to School Bash, that brought the community into our space, which is wonderful! Those are events we plan to expand on and have each year. The energy surrounding them and the amazing volunteers who brought them to life were a thing of beauty! 

   That same energy has brought us through a great year of community service, social events, concerts and changes. We are coming into the last two months of 2018 and want to bring the year to a close with momentum that rolls us into 2019 with gratitude and pride for what we have accomplished and the excitement of what is to come in the new year! 

   We are so grateful for the participation of our spiritual family, for the volunteer hours you’ve graciously given, for the talent you’ve shared and for your continued financial support that allows Unity of Springfield to be a place where all are welcome and have a safe space to be who they authentically came here to be. We are changing lives in Springfield!

   We see the next two months gaining momentum in energy, spiritual growth, a sense of community, additional new faces we welcome into our family, and greater financial abundance!  Now’s the time to catch up on those Sundays you missed during the year. Attend classes and services, come to social events, volunteer for the Holiday Bazaar and other areas of service, give some hugs at MSU, and catch up on your giving.  The energy is contagious, exciting and expansive!  Come, be a part of who we are as Unity of Springfield! Your heart will thank you!!      

Namaste, My Friends,

Mary Hilsabeck-Huber
President of the Board of Directors