From the Board President

  “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? To whom?” These questions are part of my daily routine. When I first heard them while listening to an interview with Marianne Williamson, I thought, “That’s a perfect way to start the day, to become centered, let go of my agenda for how I think I need things to be and open to possibilities I may have missed otherwise.” It allows me to go through my day remembering I have inner guidance I can call upon. 

   When I first came to Unity eleven years ago, although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was such a control freak. There were many areas of my life where I felt out of control, so other areas, I controlled with a clenched fist. Listening to the messages, attending classes and reading books based on the teachings of Unity allowed me to take a deep breath, open my hand and know that God is always for me, working for my good. I learned to be still, something I hadn’t done in my life. Having that practice of becoming still, listening to New Thought music and paying attention to my inner guidance has changed my world. It was a change that caught the attention of my friends, family and people I worked with. 

   I owe so much to Unity of Springfield, to the people who have been a part my journey. For me, becoming a member of this amazing ministry was essential. It brought a sense of belonging, of taking ownership for my part in bringing the same joy I had received to others. I would encourage you, if you have been coming to Unity for at least six months, to become a member. We plan to have membership classes as soon as we have enough people who sign up. You will go through orientation, with interesting information about who we are as Unity, how we started and what we believe. With your membership, you will receive a gift card for the book store, the ability to have a voice in decisions made by voting and receive discounts when you rent the facility for events you want to host. Mostly, you are acknowledging that you value this ministry enough to be a member.


Namaste, My Friends,

Mary Hilsabeck-Huber
President of the Board of Directors