From the Board President

   My family used to get together every year for a bonfire and weenie roast. We Hilsabecks tend to be fire bugs so when I say a bonfire I don’t mean a few fireplace logs in a pit. I remember one year, my little brother had a tree stump, complete with roots, that went on the pile. Now that’s a fire! 

   We haven’t had one since we lost my parents and both my brothers, and one sister has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t get out. A few of us get together once a month for lunch in Joplin just to keep in contact, but sitting around in a restaurant for an hour doesn’t have that same connection as sitting around a big fire discussing life, milling around to visit with everyone for a bit, and having a contest to see who brought the best roasting stick. Now that I’ve written this, I’m going to call my sister and see if we can have a bonfire this fall.

   It’s the same with church, I think. We get to see each other and be spiritually fed when we come.  We say hello to each other before or after the service and the usual how are you doing, then we scuttle out the door to our lives. I get it. We’re busy people. We’re tired people because we’re busy people. 

   I loved seeing so many folks who stayed for the salad lunch before the Daniel Nahmod concert this past Sunday. We had a couple of hours to be there so people stayed  and visited without hurry.  Sue and I were able to sit with a new visitor and her beautiful kids and get to know them. 

   We have new people visiting our church almost every Sunday, which is so exciting! Many of them are also coming back, which is even more exciting. I encourage you to take a look around at the new faces, or even the ones that may look familiar but you’ve never officially met. Take a moment to step up and welcome them. Introduce yourself and let them know you’re glad they are here. Stay after church and have a cup of coffee with someone. Beautiful souls are searching for light and belonging when things seem so divided and chaotic right now. Luckily for them, that’s who we are at Unity! Let’s show them!

Namaste, My Friends,

Mary Hilsabeck-Huber
President of the Board of Directors