From the Board President

     Here we are again, coming up on the end of another year. We’ve seen many new faces who have become part of our family and said good-bye to precious souls who were an integral part of making Unity what it is today. I am truly grateful!

   I’m grateful for the many ways you show up, for the gift of time you freely give, for the talent you share with us. We have people who stand and wash dishes after pot lucks or events, who stay to move the chairs out of the way or to move the chairs back, who bring in items from the pods on hot summer days or cold afternoons, stop by to water the flowers out front and take care of the meditation garden, who come when we call to move or fix something. We have a couple who take the recycling, faithful volunteers who are always in the book store, serving at the front desk during the week, filling the welcome packets, community cupboard and making sure all the items are in the seat backs in the sanctuary. Volunteers do the power point and video for services and classes, help in the youth wing with the kids, help clean up the grounds, decorate for The 80’s Bash, Spooktrunkular, Christmas and other events.

   You come to laugh and visit while setting up for the Yard Sale and Holiday Bazaar all week long, plan for and commit to Planet Unity, Back to School Bash, Clothing Sales. You bring food to share and share stories with each other. Our immensely talented and dedicated band, committed Board of Directors, and one of our devoted Youth Sponsors are all volunteers. We are also grateful for the Cleaning Angels who keep our building fresh and clean. There’s Brenda, who is always willing to be of service for whatever we ask of her. And there are our staff members, who work harder than we know and do things they don’t get paid for.

  I could fill the page with the names of wholehearted people who carry out acts of loving service for our church. You are appreciated beyond what I can express.  You are the heart of our ministry. Your gifts are gratefully and lovingly received.  Thank you!

Namaste, My Friends,

Mary Hilsabeck-Huber
President of the Board of Directors