August 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Unity of Springfield

Meeting of the Board of Directors

August 15, 2016


Board Members Present      

Mary Hilsabeck – President                                                    Paula Armknecht -- Director                         

Jim Kaatz – Treasurer                                                             Amy Burnett --Director

Kimberley Lippelman-Nash – Secretary                                 Tom Long – Director

Simone Hite—Vice President                                                 Kari Brashers -- Director

Sue Baggett-Spears—Spiritual Leader                                   Jon Anfinson -- Director

Dee Richardson – Administrator                                            Norma Vinson -- Emeritus


Jolynn Higgins--Guest

Aubrey Van Hoose—Guest

Kathy Westmoreland – Guest


*The meeting was called to order by Mary at 6:02 p.m.  Sue opened with prayer.  Guests were asked to step out while check in was conducted.  Guests were invited to return.  All attendees read the Core Values, Mission, and Vision Statements together aloud.

*Guest comments –Kathy Westmoreland shared some feedback from participants at Wednesday nights Community Connections.

*Prayer –Amy requested Sue lead us in prayer before moving forward.

*The Minutes of the July meeting were read aloud by Mary.  Jon made the motion that they be approved as submitted.  Amy seconded.  All voted affirmatively.  Motion carries. 

*Financial Report—Financial Report was provided prior to the meeting for review.    Jim shared hat we are $20,000 behind where we would like to be for the year.  $11,683 left in Ministry Growth Fund.  Jim suggested we need to block out a significant amount of time to devote to discussing our financial situation and how to move forward.  Meeting is scheduled for September 12, 6:00 p.m. and will be announced to congregation. Simone moved that the Financial Report be approved as submitted.  Jim seconded.  All voted affirmatively, motion carries. 

*Committee Reports:

·         Adult Education:  No report except Jim to meet with Ken for lunch just to chat.

·         Building and Grounds:  we have a new mower.  Dan cleaning up front of teen house.

·         Employment:  No Report

·         Fundraising: Over $1000 cleared on luau.  Have had a suggestion for dinner/band jam once per quarter.

·         Long/Short Range Planning:   No report

·         Marketing /Publicity:  Paula shared a new flyer for weddings.  Asked for some feedback to share with Cindy. She will post to Facebook once it’s complete. 

·         Music:  Sound board has lost another channel.   May need to start looking for a new sound board.

·         Outreach:  Open meeting is scheduled for this Sunday following second service. 

·         Volunteer Services:  No report

·         Youth Ed:  Paula shared Julia’s report.  Spirit Explorers had 26 children.  Shout out given to Julia and Dee for it being very well put together.  Spooktrunkular coming up in October.  Y.O.U. Float trip was cancelled due to rain. 

·         Communications:  Thank you from Mendhi Audlin.

·         Administrator’s Report:   Dee shared that there were 21 people who attended the Train the Trainer event for Spirit Groups including 1 from the Spiritual Center.  Jessica Polendo is volunteering in the office on Thursdays.  Prosperity Plus Class begins September 7th

·         Spiritual Leader’s Report:  Sue  shared she had been busy with counseling, wedding, hospital visits, meeting with Macy.  Her talk is being put on Facebook every week so it can be shared.  Paul and Alex cleaned the meditation garden and removed bushes at the Teen House.  She is excited about small groups.


Old Business:

          Thrift Shop:  Need to meet with Michele to line up volunteers.  Norma stated she feels we need a team leader that can organize this project.  Committee to meet next Friday.

          AC Unit: Norma has spent the last month getting info on new a/c and possibly metal roof.  Discussion was held about info we have received.  Because we aren’t having immediate issues, summer is almost over, and still have some questions about what we actually need the issue was tabled for now.

          S.T.E.P. Engagement Mastermind: Dee and Sue meeting to dive into this and will be reaching out to Mendhi and Gary Simmons for ideas.  Will report back as things are implemented.


New Business:

          Peapod:   Small freezer appeared in kitchen without our permission.  Discussion was held about whether this would be allowed.  The will be asked to move freezer to Teen House.

          Great Southern Bank:  Mary explained a mix up at the bank between some personal accounts in her name and church account that the bank mistook for hers.  The error was on the bank’s part.  Dee and Jim will look at banks we might switch to and make a recommendation.

          Town Hall Meeting:  Meeting scheduled for October 2nd after 2nd service for bylaw revision vote.

          Black Tie:  This is a large event for the LGBT community in Springfield.  Mary was approached by someone wanting to know if we would want to advertise in the event program.  Discussion was held about whether to advertise and what size ad to purchase as this is a demographic we definitely want to be visible to.  Simone made a motion to purchase a ½ page ad with the church paying $275.  Jim seconded.  All voted in favor.  Motion carries. 

          Welcome Packets:  Simone suggested a committee be put together to look at revising our welcome packet material.  Sue said this is something she and Dee will handle.

          Guest comments:  Jolynn was invited to comment.  She stated that we are still having internet issues and that our broadband is not enough for our building which is why we experienced so much lagging during the Sunday morning session of Train the Trainer.   She suggested we check with AT&T about upgrading this.

Seeing no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:16 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Kimberley Lippelman-Nash