About Kenneth Reitmeier, L.U.T.

In His Own Words...

I began my studies to become a Licensed Unity Teacher while living in Greenville, SC at the end of 1992.  For two years, I traveled to Unity Village 3 times a year for two-week classes.  In 1995, I felt a desire to move to Kansas City and possibly pursue ministerial school  I prayed about it after arriving in K.C. and felt more inclined to become a Licensed Unity Teacher and teach.  I have been teaching Unity-based spiritual classes for 21 years now.  It is a passion and a joy of mine.
I have been at Unity of Springfield for over 12 years and have been teaching classes on Unity-based principles both for credit and for deep spiritual awareness and growth.
I have one thought I like to leave with those who come to my classes; "God wants you to be excited about your life and so do I!"  So I invite you to my classes to experience spiritual rediscovery and fulfilling growth!  It's a fun, loving, insightful journey.

Current Class Offerings:

Sunday mornings (except 1st Sunday of each month) ~ 9:15 am - 10:15 am:
"Victorious Living"

Wednesday evening classes ~ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm:
"Teachings of Jesus"
This is a required class in order to become a Licensed Unity Teacher.

"Come join us as you grow, laugh, and gain true insight to all you are and can be."

Classes are offered on a Love-Offering basis. When you consider what the average college class costs, these classes are a REAL bargain!